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    Since yesterday, comments I have made to some blogs are not appearing on my comments page. Also some replies are not updating on the comments page.

    Is it broken for all or have I found a ghost?



    mine isn’t working either…. darn!



    Mine stopped updating a few days ago, too.



    Best bet would be to send in a feedback but I would request that giving examples would be needed. Unless you folks can tell me what book I’m currently reading and holding in front of the monitor. :)



    HI drmike, I have sent in a support request yesterday so hopefully they will take a look at it.

    Just as one example, this post here

    I am not seeing my replies come up on my “my comments” page. The are others too but I am sure one example is enough.

    I think you are reading “Why the Oxford English is so Big”



    Just need to add for clarity, I am not seeing replies to some of my own posts either on the comments page.
    For example, my two latest posts one about Phantasy Star game and another about whats on your pc, none of those comments have appeared on my comments page.
    Not seeing comments from my own threads is not so bad, as I am still being emailed when a new comment comes in. However when I have commented on other people’s blogs I cannot keep track of them as often I comment in passing to blogs I have not been to before.



    Is there nobody that can help with this please?
    I now have only one comment posted in “my comments” section in the past 24 hours and that was a post on “about me” page.
    The next one before that was 24 hours ago. None of the comments I have posted elsewhere have made it to the list either. I cannot keep track of where I made comments.

    I took this screenshot to show you

    This was taken 5 minutes ago. As you can see the last comment listed was 17 hours ago. I have made and received many more than that but they are simply not showing.
    Trouble is others don’t seem to be having the issue so I lack support on this matter. I don’t know what to do next.



    I have the same problem. I’ve made a lot of comments and they’re not showing up even if there are replies.
    The ones I can think of at the moment were at, and



    Yes! Can someone please help. I am new to this blog thing and I would like to reply to some of the comments friends have left to posts but they just don’t appear… :-(



    I think the problem is taking its toll on all the blogs…similar is the case of mine…



    I sent a feedback about this a few days ago, but in my response, I was told I must be the only one experiencing the problem because they hadn’t heard from anyone else about it. My comments page has been stuck with the same view for the last 5 days and has not been updated with any of the comments I’ve made or received since.

    I know you guys must be frustrated, too… but I’m kinda glad to find out I’m not the only one… :-)



    So that’s a pretty strong hint that everyone experiencing this should send a feedback. That’ll get the staff’s attention right away.



    This should now be fixed. Thank you for helping us understand the problem and your patience while we found the problem and a solution.



    Yay! I now see one of the comments I left on someone else’s site (2 days ago) added to the static view I’ve been looking at for the last week. Thank you!

    One thing, though – I’m not sure how the link provided relates to the problem we’ve been experiencing. Doesn’t that advise how to allow comments on our own pages/posts only?

    Thanks a lot for fixing the problem… I appreciate it!




    Ok… now THAT makes sense :-)


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