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    I get a lot of comment that douesn’t match the topic I’m blogging about. They are from different people, and seems to be in Norwegian and Sweedish. The Sorwegian and Sweedish special letter is replace by the html code. Like this : “Det e4r ske5ningar och norrle4nningarna som har en egen svenska. Vad norrle4nningarna har ff6r urse4kt vet jag inte men ni i Ske5ne kan sklyla pe5 att ni varit danskar! Man ge5r inte till jobb, man ge5r till jobbet! Kunde inte le5ta bli.. Ff6rle5t!”

    This it so strange!

    The blog I need help with is



    Nothing really strange there, just spam.

    Please feel free to mark them as Spam to send them on their way. :)

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