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    I’ve been using WordPress for a few months, and have upgraded to the current version. Ever since I started using it, I’ve never once gotten a comment in email unless it’s a NEW comment, so I need to moderate it. After I moderate this person’s comment, say Jane Doe, then I never seen another comment by Jane Doe in email again, even if she’s commenting regularly.

    This is really frustrating, because I miss comments that were made to posts I did a few weeks ago, and I end up having to literally go through EVERY SINGLE POST to see if there is anything new. It’s a little ridiculous.

    In the “settings” page, under “discussions”, I have the box checked that says, “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment”. It’s always been like that.

    My blog is

    I have another blog at

    BOTH blogs have the same problem. I’ve never gotten a comment in email for either of them, unless it’s a new user.



    Hello Cheesepuppet

    This forum is for blogs hosted with Neither of those 2 blogs you listed seem to be blogs. Do you have a blog you need help with? If not, perhaps you can seek help in the forums over at or by contacting your hosting provider.

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