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    Hello! I’m not sure how to make it so that comments show up under my posts on the homepage. They show up if I click on the individual post, but I think I’d get more comments from readers if they showed up directly after the post on the homepage. (Also, there’s an “About Prayn4Peace” – meaning me – box directly under my post that I’d rather not have. Is there a way to get rid of that?)

    Thank you so much!

    The blog I need help with is



    Ya, it’s just the “theme” of your blog you have selected… if you go through them and look, they are all different. Choose the one that you like best. If you check out my (boring) site, I have the comments shown without having to click anything. Although, you may or may not like the themes that have what you want. To get something you like, you either have to download one off the internet or take a very long prosses making one.


    There is only one theme here that will show the comments on the main page, and that is P2 which is meant as a collaborative theme for groups really.

    The main reason comments are not shown on the main page of a blog is that if you happen to get lots of comments, or longer comments, it makes home page navigation quite difficult for your visitors since to get to the next post they might have to scroll a long ways. A couple blogs I currently visit get 300-700 comments on each post so you can imagine what that would do to a main page.



    Thanks so much for your help! I’m still on a learning curve with this and appreciate it both of your comments.

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