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    I use Hotmail for my blog email account. Whenever I get comments, WordPress sends them from (email redacted) to (email redacted). Hotmail autmatically thinks that because both the to/from are my email address, that this email must be junk mail.

    I’ve allowed email addresses from me in my hotmail settings, but it still sends them to junk mail. Any way I can change who WordPress sends these mails from?




    I allow wordpress to send to my primary email address which WP by policy will not give out. I use a post my yahoo account as a the only email address on my blogs for comment. This system works for me so maybe it will work for you too. Just a thought.



    It’s probably calling it junk mail either because they’re getting so many of them or because it’s being send via a PHP mailer script. The issue is on HotMail’s side, not with

    It’s actually funny as I have most of HotMail’s mail servers located in Southern California blocked because they’re open relays. Going on nearly five years now.



    I stand corrected. It’s a money maker for Microsoft.

    Their new spam program is called Smart Network Data Services . Digging through their Postmaster pages shows me that their using a company called Sender Score Certified Mail to whitelist.

    Here‘s their fee schedule. :)


    Hotmail’s custom filters trump the spam rules. Create a custom filter to allow mail from (email redacted) (put in inbox)




    Insert the standard “I’m not a member of Automattic staff and what I state here occures on my own boxes and not”

    I got an email from a user here giving me a load of *cough* about how dare I block hotmail since “everybody uses Hotmail” and how dare I block them.

    For the record and as an example, here’s one of their servers that are still SORBS listed.






    If you have a legitimate question to ask we volunteers will be glad to try and answer it. Please post it in clear language so we know what you need help with. :)

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