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Comments error

  1. Hi, I've got one question. One of my visitors told me, that he can't add any comment to my articles. Everytime, he wont's to do it, the server writes: Error on page! Do you know, where is the problem? Can I repair it in my administration?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can comment on your articles so I believe the issue may be with the other person's browser. Has he or she cleared their browser cache and cookies? Is their browser version outdated?

  3. Given the amount of breakage reports on the forum it's also possible that Staff are working in the backend, and if your friend waits the server error issue will disappear after awhile.

  4. Yeah, thanks for your reply so much! Maybe it's really beacuse off the browser and cookies. I'll talk to her...

  5. Good idea.

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