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Comments for 2 Different Blogs with 2 Different Email Address

  1. mademoisellesci


    I have two different blogs. I received my first comment on my first blog which was fine. But then today I received my first comment on When I replied to the comments I noticed the username was Mademoiselle along with Mademoiselle's blog url (which is my primary blog). I had to go back and edit the information on stylebitsandbobsofme to change the name when I replied to StyleME and put the stylebits blog's url instead of the Mademoiselle url.

    Is there a way I can have 2 different blogs and have each blog have 2 different emails and display url associated with each blog seperately instead of displaying the primary blog's url. That way I won't have to manually do this each time I get a comment for stylebits blog.

    I hope this is not confusing.

    Thank you in advance. I really appreciate these forums.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is there a way I can have 2 different blogs and have each blog have 2 different emails and display url associated with each blog seperately instead of displaying the primary blog's url.

    How many username accounts do you have please?

    Are both of the blogs registered under the same username account?

    To disassociate two blogs registered under the same username account you register another username account using a different email address and then transfer one blog to the new username account. See here for the step by step process >

  3. mademoisellesci

    I have one username account that I used to create the two different blogs. Both blogs are registered under the same user account.

    I also, created another username account so that I can have the second blog associated with it.

  4. Please let me know which username you wish to associate with which blog.

    I will also need you to post in this thread from the second username so I can confirm both accounts are yours.

  5. mademoisellesci

    My primary blog is and my secondary blog is with the user name stylebitsnbobsofme. I am going to post with my other username as well.

  6. stylebitsnbobsofme

    Here I am posting with my other user account. On this account my primary blog is and I added as an additional account.
    My goal was to have two separate accounts with two usernames so I can just use one dashboard. That way when I comment the style one has styleme and the mademoisellescientist one has mademoiselle.

  7. stylebitsnbobsofme

    Also should change the username on my primary account to mademoiselle and keep the username as stylebitsnbobsofme for less confusion?

  8. To confirm:

    You want the owner of to be the user mefeyini and the owner of to be the user stylebitsnbobsofme.

    Is this correct? If so, I can make stylebitsnbobsofme the new owner of the blog with the same name.

  9. mademoisellesci

    Yes this is correct. Is it too late to change my user name from mefeyini to mademoiselle? Thank you for the rapid response.

  10. I have made the requested change to the blog owner for

    To change your username, please see:

  11. mademoisellesci

    Thanks for all of the help I will check out the link to change my username

  12. You're welcome!

  13. mademoisellesci

    I think I had a misunderstanding of my question I asked on this forum earlier. Now when I log into to my account with mademoiselle only the mademoiselle blog shows. When I log into my account with stylebitsnbobs both mademoiselle and styebitsnbobs blogs show up. So now I have to log into to each account separately to make a post. Can I add stylebitsandbobs blog back onto the mademoiselle account as well? That way when I login I still see both the mademoiselle blog and the stylebitsandbobs of me blog, instead of seeing just one blog. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Thank you

  14. stylebitsnbobsofme

    And on stylebitsnbobs account I see both of the blogs mademoiselle and stylebitsnbobs. Why does that happen?

  15. Hi there - Here's the current state of things:

    The account stylebitsnbobsofme is the owner of, and is a member of

    The account mefeyini is only the owner of

    If you'd like, you can invite mefeyini to be a member of with these steps:

    This way you'll be able to see both blogs from mefeyini as well.

  16. mademoisellesci

    Thank you everything is cleared up now.

  17. Awesome! Just let us know if you need anything else :)

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