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    My mother sent me an email this morning telling me that the format on WP has changed for leaving comments. She asked if it was somthing I did, haha.

    So, I logged out of my WP account to have a look, and it seems to me that we can only leave a comment with our WP account. Before there was the option to leave a comment with a facebook, twitter or email account, now it’s not there.

    Am I just seeing things, or has this changed?

    Thank you in advance.


    To the right above the “email” field are three icons for WordPress, facebook, and twitter. You click one of those to comment using those accounts.



    Ok, so I’ve been looking around at some blogs, and what was once, seems to be no more. As I am logged into WP it automatically enters the comment space as my WP account. I used to see the three icons for WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. They are no longer there. Not on my blog, and not on blogs I follow.

    I remember seeing these three icons some time ago and thinking, wow awesome. And it’s not until my mother pointed out that they are missing, and not just from my blog either.

    Maybe I’m blind.



    Just been browsing some blogs that I’m not a follower on, and there are no icons to choose between WP, Facebook or Twitter. Odd.


    If I am logged in, wordpress assumes I want to use my credentials and it shows me this:

    If I want to switch to different credentials, I click the “change” link and the email/name/website field appears as do the other icons.

    If I am logged out of wordpress this is what I see.

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