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Comments from another blog are published on mine

  1. Hi! I need help for my blog. Some comments that are not addressed to me and my post are published on my articles!!! They come from some immigration things/people/blog (???) possibly in the US as they are written in English while my blog is in French. I've already suppressed 2 but another one has arrived... What can I do? Help please!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That sounds like spam to me. Set up comment moderation on your blog and mark any spam as spam.

  3. Thank you, I'll have to find how to do that but thanks... ML

  4. You're welcome and if you need more help post again.

  5. I changed some options... hope it will work! thanks a lot!

  6. You're welcome. Lovely crochet on your blog BTW.

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