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comments from blogger in spam

  1. I recently found that lots of comments from blogger account are queued in the spam list, What can I do.

  2. Well, if you saying that they're in your Dashbaord -> Manage -> Akismet Spam list, then just hit the Delete All button.

    If you mean they're in your Dashboard -> Manage -> Comments list, best bet would be to click on the "Mass Edit Mode" link and use the checkboxes to get rid of them.

    Hope this helps,

  3. But they are not spam...they are comments from blogger accounts..i don't want them to,
    show up in the spam thingie again.

  4. All you need to do is click on Manage and then click on the spam filter, mark the comments as Not Spam and then click the gray box on the bottom De-mark as spam or something like that. It will send a report automatically that those comments were erroneously added to the spam list. Hope that helps. :)

  5. Agreed, you have to tell Akismet, the system that handles the spam, that they are not spam. When you edit the comments with the not spam flag, it'll move the comments back into your blog as well as send a notice to Akismet about them and the monkeys over ther "learn" from the correction.

    Hope this helps,

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