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comments from google news and reviews - what are they

  1. I'm obviously not important enough to get these, got an example?

    At a guess I would say they're Spam but can't be sure.


  2. This is what it looks like:

    New trackback on your post #6 "Priština Negotiation Party"
    Website: (IP: ,
    URI :
    Google news and reviews...
    You can see all trackbacks on this post here:"

    I've also got no idea what it is, and would love to know. isn't a good clue, at least for me :)

  3. Thanks for that. Definitely looks like spam to me! does resolve to *a* google, whether it's an official one or not I don't know.

  4. OOPS!:O I'm sorry about that folks. I obviously left a title on the forum but no contents in the box :O. [outer limits theme plays in background]. Anyway I sent in feedback and received aresponse - these "google comments and review thingees" are spam.

  5. Thanks for the confirmation TT! :)

  6. is 100% *NOT* a Google IP.

    Unless they're leasing $75 a month servers form some company called Swift which is where the IP points to.

    This threads says its spam. I tend to agree although I have yet to see one of these.

  7. I tried to scrounge one out of my deleted email file which is usually full. However, I had a neat freakout before going to bed and jettisoned eveything. Just a second [she goes to check he sent email mailbox]

    Nerts! This is all I found - no copy of the original "google comments and reviews" example which I sent in on feedback.

    timethief wrote:
    > Feedback from 'timethief' on :
    > Comments from google news and reviews.
    > I have received three of these "comments from google news and reviews"
    > for moderation. They do not seem to have any text. Can you explain to
    > me what these "comments" from google that do not contain any text are
    > and what I should do with them please?

    This is part of a new wave of spam.
    Mark them as spam and remove. Akismet will have started catching them already so they should disappear fast.
    Sorry about that!


    Maybe podz kept a copy of the example I sent?

  8. Just checked but I don't have any of those in my spam queue nor in my passed through comments that didn't get caught. I do have 75 caught ones though. I must have lucked out. :)

  9. I've been getting a few 'Blog Verification' ones. Then they leave a bunch of numbers as their comment.

  10. Thanks for the heads up nosysnoop.

  11. Just got one as well. Coming out of Belgium. Probably a spammer looking for sites. Just make sure it's marked as spam and move on. :)

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