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  1. There is a malfunction about leaving comments on a wordpress blog.

    Although I have changed the settings and removed the checkmark for "Users must be registered and logged in to comment," it does not work that way. It still requires a login on wordpress, if the email address that is used is the same as the commentators previous wordpress account.

    In other words ... a blog-friend may have switched from wordpress to another site, but still have the same e-mail. If they also adds in their email in the comment on my blogg, wordpress will require login to continue.
    This only because the e-mail address is recognized. And this happens even though I changed my settings and said that this will not be needed.
    It should not have to be this way?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jeremeylduvall

    Hi Louise!

    Just to be clear, if the user is commenting with an email address associated with their account, they will be asked to login. However, it looks like a bug is in place that asks users to login if they're attempting to comment with an email address that was associated with a account in the past (no longer associated). Is that what you're experiencing as well?

  3. Yes, it could be the problem, if it's connected to why the settings I choose doesn't work. As I wrote, I have settings that should let people comment without being registrated and logged in. But it doesn't work. Maybe it's that bug you refer to.

  4. jeremeylduvall

    Hi Louise,

    If the commenters are entering an email address that is setup with a account, they will be asked to login regardless of whether or not you have the option for "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" checked or not.

    However, if they are using an email address that was previously associated with a account but is not any longer, they're still being asked to login. That should not be happening. I've passed that issue along to our developers, and will let you know as soon as a fix is in place.

    Does that help to explain a bit more?

  5. Yes, it helps, and I feel that I get very good help when I ask for it. The few times I have conntacted support there has been a rapid and favorable response. Thank you so much for that ... :)

    But nevertheless ... Aside from the bug that involving former users and that should be corrected, I think it's wrong to connect an email address that way. The email that visitors appends should be related to the web site they are presenting in the comment, or not be connected to anything at all.
    Several of my visitors have had problems with this, for various reasons, and have to solve it in an unsatisfactory way.

    And my opinion is that a setting with a sentence like this , " Users must be registered and logged in to comment" , it should work as it says. If I de-select that line, people should neither have to be registered or logged-in.
    I like the width of all the possibilities in wordpress, so it's a shame when small annoying details doesn't work.

    I hope I can registrate this as a wish for the future, if nothing else is possible right now.


  6. jeremeylduvall

    Hi Louise!

    I completely understand your frustrations. Let me address the issue a bit more:

    And my opinion is that a setting with a sentence like this , " Users must be registered and logged in to comment" , it should work as it says. If I de-select that line, people should neither have to be registered or logged-in.

    The purpose of this option is to allow users to comment on your blog posts. When that option is selected (forcing users to login), only users can comment on your posts. When it is de-selected, users can comment enabling discussion from a wider range of readers. users are still asked to login when they enter an email address that is or has previously been associated with a account for privacy reasons. For example, when I enter an email address previously connected to my account, it auto-populates my image in the comment box. We want to avoid the situation where an individual can impersonate someone else just by using their email address. Does that make sense? For that reason, we force users to login.

    If you have a user that has never been associated with a account, they will not be asked to login.

    I hope that sheds some clarity on the issue! Please let me know if you have any additional comments or questions.

  7. Thank you, Jeremy! I have no further issues about this, although it doesn't solve the problem some of my friends have. They have to leave the email field blank, that's all. It is a pity but not the end of the world ... :)
    Parts will be better when that bug is corrected.

  8. jeremeylduvall

    Hi Louise,

    I'll keep you posted on any resolution regarding the email login!

  9. Thank you so much Jeremy. Very nice of you ... :)

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