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comments fully visible after post

  1. Hi,
    I am starting a new travelling blog -- -- and would like to make it so the comments for a post are always visible under the post, without people having to click anything and can just start commenting.... Is this possible? or is it dependant on the layout /theme I have selected?? Which theme would allow to do so??
    thanx for any help.

  2. that s*cks.... :S
    moderators -> can't there be an option where one can tick wether or not allow for this...?? i do not expect many comments, cause only a select few will visit my site... so no forever loadingtimes of the site...

  3. This is entirely dependent on the theme you are using. Unfortunately there are no themes with this capability at

    You could go self-hosted and build a theme (or get it built) that will do this.

  4. From time to time we hear this request from newcomers. In each case I point out that if every comment were to be displayed after each post, without having to click a link to see the comments, would make your front page a mile long and would take take forever to load. As it's the theme designers that make the choices with regard to how comments are to be displayed I sincerely doubt that this will ever become a option.

  5. @michielkoks
    I came back to say that you appear to be confused about what the role of a Moderator is. Moderators keep the threads on track - confined to the subject at hand. Moderators delete spam links and porn links as well as posts containing bad language, personal insults, racial slurs,etc. And there's nothing of that ilk in this thread. Moderators move threads posted in the wrong forums to the correct forums.

    Moderators are volunteers with solid personal relations skills. They are most certainly NOT one step under staff in the corporate chain of command sense. In fact, they are NOT part of the wordpress chain of command at all. And when bloggers become confused about that trouble follows.

    So you see your appeal to our Moderator in this thread regarding comment display changes is entirely misplaced.

    If you want to make this feature request the process is to send staff a feedback including all details and your reasons for making the request.


  6. @timethief
    Thanks for the definition of a moderator. Point taken. I'm sorry if I 'insulted' you.
    Already send a mail to support staff and am awaiting their response.

  7. @michielkoks
    I didn't choose to feel insulted. I'm glad to hear you have sent your request to staff. Best wishes. :)

  8. It is just a mistake in terminology of a moderator versus staff or key master. It is just that and nothing to read much more into it! I would send in a feedback if you want michielkoks to Staff about your request!


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