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    Me and a lot of other people have noticed replies to blogs and posts are not showing up. When we type the reply, it doesn’t appear.

    I hope this is ok, I did a blog with the official Word Press Spam Help video to see if it could help people.

    Can you give me guidance on this matter please. It is not all the time and varies from person, sometimes it goes through sometimes not. No set routine to it not working


    The blog I need help with is


    I have been having the same problem



    Many of my regular commenters are going to spam.



    It’s important to manually check your spam filter. Spam filters are never perfect, and they always require some degree of user intervention to train them to properly identify spam (both preventing false negatives and false positives).

    If you are noticing a systemic problem though (I am not, my spam filter seems to be working fine and I only rarely have messages get misclassified) then perhaps you have a problem with Akismet and you could look into filing a bug report with that system.

    One thing that I have noticed, however, is a huge increase in the volume of spam lately. I used to only rarely get spam and I got 6 spam messages in the past week or so. So it could be that if there is an increase in spam, this is causing an increase in false positives.

    Also, don’t assume that your comments are getting marked as spam just because they don’t post. I always moderate comments on all my blogs, not just because of spam but because of other comments that I don’t want to post for various reasons, like I think they contain misinformation that I don’t think is worth publishing, or I find them disrespectful. Sometimes it can take me several days to moderate and post even the comments I do want to publish.


    Some of my comments are going to spam.



    One of Shaun’s messages was in my spam queue –

    I’ve never placed any of his messages in my spam queue and to the best of my knowledge Shaun DOES NOT send spam.


    Don Charisma


    Yeah many are having this issue. I don’t spam friends..But as you can see from above, many I don’t really speak with are getting this issue between them and their friends.



    I have started to manually check my Spam Filter for some months now as I was alerted some followers were being thrown straight into the spam box..
    I have rescued around 8 different blogger on WP and Shaun ( prayingforoneday ) was among them.

    So I now check everytime I log on, its sometime a long process trawling through them, but I now do not trust the spam checker

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