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Comments - haloscan possible?

  1. is it possible to have haoscan or some other pop-up comment feature , other then the user having to wait for the page to load to comment?

  2. No unless they have a method where you can just provide a link to the holoscan popup.

  3. thanks dr. mike.....hmmmm, wonder if such a link exists???

  4. I believe it does since I've seen static links on static HTML pages before.

    Gotta admit though that it still means clicking on a link and making a second page load. Either way it's going to happen. With wordpress though, everything is built in and in front of you in one place as a site admin. You don't have to use two different services.

  5. I find that in my IE6, haloscan popups take longer to load than WordPress comment pages, and sometimes hang up, freezing the browser. Very annoying. That's never happened with a WordPress comment page that I know of.

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