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  1. Comments hyperlink on new posts is dead.

    My readers are unable to leave a comment. I am unable to respond to comments.

    Christopher, publisher

  2. Hi there,

    I've just sucessfully managed to leave you a comment.

    What exactly do you mean by 'the hyperlink is dead'. Which one?

    And when you tried replying were you signed in or out?

  3. Hi Cat,

    Saw it.

    Could you try to leave a comment on the latest thread?

    Titled, "Did Bush Family Mafia Threaten Scott McClellan?" This is the one I am referring to.

  4. There is definitely something odd going on. The timestamp: "NovamWed, 21 Nov 2007 08:34:02 +0000c08 15, 2006"

    I can't click the comments link on the first post, but I can click the header of the post which takes me there. However, I can't click the header on the Thanksgiving post and only the comments link.

    I think that is definitely somethign for staff. Go and submit a feedback to staff once they open.

    In the meantime you couls always insert a link at the end of the post "To comment, please click here" and use the link for the post. Or something like that. :)

  5. Thanks Cat for confirming this. I owe you.

    Since support is closed I replaced the entry with a quote and moved the post up one notch. I just moved around the dead timestamp. The new timestamp entry seems to work with comments.

    I've never seen a comment hyperlink dead before? Very strange.

  6. Yeah, I've never seen this before either. Just make sure you contact staff when they're open.

    Glad I could somehow help! :)

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