Comments I make containing urls are disappearing

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    First of all, apologies if you have already answered this, but I have had no email alerts and I can’t find a link to my original post.

    For the second time in 6 months comments that I make on other bloggers’ posts are disappearing if I include a link in the comment. I presume they are being channelled into a spam folder somewhere?

    At present this happens only if I leave a comment at a blog I haven’t visited before. The last time this happened the problem grew and grew to the point where it became impossible for me to leave any comment anywhere, including replies on my own blog.

    I want to nip this problem in the bud. Could you get in touch with me direct, please?

    Thank you.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    It is a very poor idea to leave links in comments on blogs you have never commented on before. It will inevitably (as you have seen twice now) get you marked as spam. Change this behaviour to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.



    That’s an entirely negative, dismissive answer. “Change this behaviour” indeed! I see nothing wrong with the ‘behaviour’ of wanting to share things which require a link. If that’s the best advice you can give then Hell mend you! I hope you don’t speak for WordPress on this issue. Whether you do or don’t please don’t bother to make a further reply. I shall wait for someone from WordPress to fix things for me.


    I shall wait for someone from WordPress to fix things for me.

    There’s nothing to ‘fix’. Comments are moderated by each individual site owner, not by WP. Any comment with a link will almost certainly be deleted even if it isn’t directed to the Spam folder.

    I only approve comments that are DIRECTLY on point and the only links I would approve would be ones that contain follow-up information.



    It won’t be fixed, because Akismet is behaving as normal. It’s entirely reasonable to expect someone to contribute via comments at least once before they drop a link; commenting only to drop a link is classic spam behaviour which Akismet picks up on.



    “There’s nothing to ‘fix'”

    “It won’t be fixed”

    But it was fixed before when it got to the ridiculous position of making my own comments, even without links, on my own posts not appear. I put out a plea here on the forum and a kind person from WordPress did fix it! End of.

    “commenting only to drop a link is classic spam behaviour”

    Who said I ‘commented only to drop a link’? I certainly didn’t say that. Are you accusing me of being a spammer? Mind what you say, friend! Your statement can be considered actionable under Scottish law.

    Now, unless someone has something constructive to offer please do not bother to reply here.

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