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Comments in a new window?

  1. Is there a way to have my comments appear in a new window like Haloscan does?

  2. Not with what we have here. Please note that those Haloscan popups pretty much break accessability guidelines anyway...

  3. And they freeze the browser a lot, if you're using IE.

  4. actually i find haloscan comments relatively easy to load on ie; it's the blogspot comments that takes forever sometimes.

  5. I thought it was cool when I started at blogspot using haloscan for comments popping out. Now, it looks like I'm not touching that "leave comments" again. Although exceptionally if you are on my blogroll using blogspot account, I won't mind.

    WordPress commenting system is way way far BETTER, IMO.

  6. and it doesn't take forever to load, which is very very good for someone like me who's leaving comments all over

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