Comments in dashboard not showing on post?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have a post . So far two people have commented and I have responded to one of them. There 3 comments are all showing in the comments section of my dashboard.

    However, only one person’s comment is showing up on the post. I have checked the settings, and nothing has changed. All my other posts are working correctly and I’ve tried looking at a different theme, but that shows just the one comment also. So I guess it isn’t the theme.

    I’m at a complete loss. Has anyone any ideas?

    Thanks for any help and/or advice you may give.


    The blog I need help with is


    If someone deletes a comment they have made, which I have responded to from the dashboard, would that end up hiding the two comments from public view in the post?


    I’m seeing two comments on that post, yours and one other.

    Does the person you are talking about have access to your dashboard with privileges of author or higher?


    Sorry, I just responded to the first comment to see if that would work for me.

    There is another comment made this morning, which I responded to from the dashboard. That is the one that is not showing up.

    The person has no such access or privileges


    Ok, then they cannot delete comments. Comments can only be deleted from within the dashboard and only if the person has a certain level of privileges.

    In the dashboard, make sure that the comment is approved. Also, is there a chance it was made on a different post? I’ve been caught by that before thinking someone commented on one post and it was actually on another.


    Right, I seem to have found the issue, but I’m not sure what to do about it?

    If I enter the post I see the comments with the two missing as described above. However, if I click on the photo, I only see the two missing comments. Never seen this before.

    Original link:
    Clicked Photo link:

    How strange.

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