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  1. What did I do to deserve to be invisible on here?

    Will this post even show up in the forums?

    Every time I post on the forum now, I am the only one that can see it. When I log out, I can not see the post(s) I recently have made..


  2. Is my posts only visible on MY threads?


  3. They all seem to be visible to me. Could you please give me a link to where some are hidden?

    Also, thanks for volunteering your help around here, it's always nice to see a fresh face stopping by. :)

  4. I can see all the comments.

  5. Sorry for the false alarm.... It was just my web browser :/ I had to clear the cache....

    I solved my "big problem", again :P I am VERY, VERY sorry for the false alarm....

    Macmanx, thank you for saying that :P that means a TON :/ sadly, some other people on here do NOT seem as thrilled as you, to have me helping on here. :"( I have got some of my answers wrong on here but have been correct and have corrected myself, which I do not mind at all. But, some people are being rude to me on here it seems still....

  6. corrected"

  7. You're welcome!

    Keep at it, and your knowledge will grow, and thanks again for volunteering your time to help out!

    Don't forget, we all started where you are now. :)

  8. THANK YOU!! :D

  9. And, no problem.. :) I love helping people....

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