"Comments I've made" gone from admin bar?

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    It used to be that the dropdown attached to my user name on the right side of the admin bar had an option to take me to “Comments I’ve Made”.

    As of a couple days ago, that option is gone, replaced by “Find My Friends”.

    Is this a permanent change, or is it a temporary bug? “Comments I’ve Made” was the most useful thing on that dropdown besides the link back to my own blog. I used it all the time. It’s the *kind* of thing one uses all the time, if one converses across other WordPress blogs. It’s something that made it *significantly* easier for me to participate in other WordPress blogs than in non-Wordpress blogs. I could see why even people who didn’t blog here might want to have a user account, just for that functionality.

    Even if I were the sort of person who wanted to link my entire life across the internet (which I’m not, so I am rarely if ever going to use it), I still wouldn’t use “Find My Friends” very *often*. It’s not the kind of thing one uses often. I expect it will be useful to some people, but it’s inherently less useful than the other.

    Fortunately I (eventually) found there’s still a link to “Comments I’ve Made” on my dashboard, so I can still get there, but I’m frustrated that a WordPress feature that I used frequently appears to have been pushed into obscurity. I’m hoping this was accidental and is temporary?

    The blog I need help with is gaudetetheology.wordpress.com.



    Mine’s gone too, and I feel the same way!



    Yes, I would appreciate a response from WordPress on this. Finding contacts would not be used frequently. Comments I’ve Made is used all the time and is one of WordPress’s best features. Accessing it from the Dashboard is highly inconvenient and counterintuitive.


    Right, I’m just a volunteer like most people who respond to question on the forum, but here’s are the answers: when WordPress.com make a change, they rarely change it back to how it was. Until the next change and then it’ll be something else.

    ‘Comments I’ve Made’ is still accessible, but from the place it was before it got stuck on the admin bar. Go to your dashboard (for any blog you have on WordPress.com) then look on the left near the top and you’ll see it beneath ‘home’.

    If you don’t know how to get to your blog’s dashboard: when you’re logged in, look at the grey admin strip at the top of your window, look at the far right where you’ll see your username or display name, hover cursor over that til you see the name of your blog, hover cursor over name of blog, you’ll see a flyout menu with ‘dashboard’ amongst other options.

    There’s invariably a way to get to things here, they just like to move the furniture.

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