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COMMENTS I'VE MADE section gone?

  1. I am not on Twitter, Facebook or Google. The COMMENTS I'VE MADE section is now gone in place of finding other networks. Can someone explain where I can see the comments i've made section now?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. So it has. Now that is annoying.

  3. It is still under Dasbord on the left hand side. Gone from the right hand side though.

  4. @teamoyeniyi Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot Dashboard had that function. I usually put it on my Favorites bar if it disappears. Isn't WP getting rid of the Dashboard altogehter though? Gah! I wish they would fix the problems instead of constantly changing things around. I'm not even on Twitter or Facebook because I sunk all my loyalty into WP. Now I have to tolerate a plug for off site places? Not good on their part.

  5. progressivetimes

    I had this scare myself, just now. I liked having it in the upper right, but as long as it's somewhere and it doesn't evaporate then I can make do.

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