comments just wont turn on!

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    Sorry if this a repeat question – but I am just not being able to turn comments on for my posts! I have tried everything from turning it on globally from the settings –> discussion to turning comments on individually for the posts by checking “Allow Comments” box and for some reason nothing seems to work! Please…any help would be appreciated….much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    The site linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM blog. If you are talking about a wordpress.COM blog, then we need a link please.



    Oh oops sorry – the blog is:


    If you had comments turned off for a while, any posts made during that time will have the comments disabled on each post. The global setting when comments are off, simply turns comments off automatically post by post as you make new posts.

    1. Go to settings > discussion and turn comments on.
    2. Go to the posts > edit page in the dashboard, click on the checkbox at the left end of the bluish-grey top bar above the post list to select all posts on that page. Go to the “bulk actions” pulldown and select “edit” then click “apply.”
    3. Go to the comments pulldown toward the left and select “allow” and click “update posts.”

    Do that for each page of posts made while the comments were turned off globally.



    Tried that too – didn’t work – still shows up as Comments Off :(


    If you have comments turned on globally, open your latest post for edit and in the “discussion” section, turn comments on and then click “update post” and post back here after that so that I can take a look.



    Well weird thing – any new posts I do, the comments show up – but not on the old/existing posts.


    Open up each older post, go to the discussion section and allow comments, then click update post.



    I did that – and here is the post:

    Still shows up comments off.



    Stupid thing man – doesn’t do anything for the older posts – but any new posts, works perfect and I can turn comments on and off. Too much work to figure it out – i think i’m just gonna create a new post and copy from the older posts – its just one article anyways. Thanks!



    OOOh I think I figured it out – it has something to do with categories. For example – I only had one category on the blog called “Everything BTS” and deleted the others – but somehow a new category called “1” is created automatically. Now if I assign the post to the category “1” – it works fine – but as soon as I assign to “Everything BTS” the comments turn off automatically.
    Makes sense?
    Doesn’t to me :P


    I just did a test. I turned comments off globally, created three test comment and published them, then turned global comments back on. The comments I made while global comment was turned off did not have comments enabled.

    I then went to posts > edit, selected the three comments, chose bulk actions > edit, clicked “apply” and selected “allow comments” then clicked the update button. Now the three test comments have comments on.

    If that didn’t work for you, then there is either a step missing in your process or there is an issue with your blog and you might have to contact staff directly at . The volunteers here in the forums do not have access to the back end so we cannot go into your dashboard to check things.

    What browser / browser version are you using by the way?



    I tried IE 7 and Firefox 3 – and wasn’t getting anywhere – but its fixed now. Just had to do a simple work around. Wish I had thought of this 2-3 hrs earlier.
    Thanks for the help though.


    You’re welcome. The process I outlined should have worked just fine and I’m confused as to why it would not. Glad you are back up and running though.

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