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    Is it possible to edit the page on my own dashboard that lists MY comments on others’ blogs? I keep getting the same boring few I did YEARS ago, with new additions irrelevant to my comment. I think it’s because they were popular posts where people keep commenting forever, so new stuff pops up. I also wonder if I’d get more recent responses/threads if these weren’t taking up all the space (not that I understand how this thing works).

    I’d like to be able to delete from MY OWN dashboard page this stuff. Anyone?



    I see your problem. But the solution, whatever it may be, requires some fancy programming.

    I think thebest solution would be to enable users to mark such comment threads as “I’m not following this anymore”.



    The new comments on those old posts aren’t blocking anything else appearing because it also means that no new comments were made on the more recent posts where you commented (ie you had the last word). When someone else comments on the more recent posts, the new comment will pop up together with yours and replace the comments on the old posts.

    Hope I explained it clearly. Rereading this, I’m not too sure. :)

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