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    My template is Coraline, and I am on . All my comments have been going to spam. They have all come from blog members. Please stop this. This is a new blog which depends on comments and I do not want to lose members because of this. I can’t check for spam comments every fifteen minutes.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you mark every legitimate comment that was in the spam filter ie. all false positives to “unspam” them, then Akismet will learn.


    I hope so. Thanks.


    Askimet continues to toss comments into spam, even with members who post frequently. I have marked legitimate comments to unspam, then approve them, repeatedly for the same members.



    Akismet is very accurate. And, i takes repeated “unspamming” for Akismet to learn that any comment it has previously sequestered is legitimate.


    It has been several weeks, and I believe some of my members have fallen away because they expect to see their comments after they are made.



    Please contact Akismet support and provide all the details for these commenters to them.

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