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Comments marked as spam deleted automatically?

  1. Hello,

    My problem is that Akismet doesn't leave me anything to inspect; every day it says another 10 or 20 or so messages have been detected as spam, and they are gone. Now people are telling me they left comments, and they never show up.

    I want to see the spam before Akismet deletes it. How can I accomplish this?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. They stay around for up to 15 days before they are deleted.

    You can go to "Comments" in your dashboard and look at the "Awaiting Moderation" and the "Akismet Spam". The numbers in brackets are the number of comments in the two pages.

    Have a look and see if any of the messages are in there.



  3. Actually I think Dragon is discussing the issue with Akismet autodeleting spam labeled comments on posts older than 30 days.

    Please send in feedback with as many specifics as possible. We're trying to make staff realize that this is an issue.

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