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    I need some help here.For the first time today I have started moderating incoming comments.I mean have set the discussion setting so that comments must be approved before appearing.However,even after I approve the comments,the number of comments on the post does not change and they don’t even appear on the “recent comments” side on the sidebar.Anyone with a suggestion?



    The sidebar is cached so it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours to see it. Make sure you’re not looking at a cached copy.

    When you say the number of comments doesn’t change, do you mean the approved comment is not showing up? What’s the url for your blog, please?


    Thanks for your help.You are right, I think they were just taking a bit longer to show up.It looks like its fine now.The url for my site is Thanks a lot



    You’re welcome. Looks fine in IE7. Happy blogging!

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