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    DrMike, Mark & Barry (Tech help)

    I opened a complaint about my comment emails and it was closed before it was completely settled.

    Barry, I never received the log of my comment email failures that you sent me.. somehow it likewise got lost like all emails from WordPress.

    Please send the Log to my Mail Form at my personal web site.

    I prefer not to post my email address on this forum.

    My web host/mail server Buzz is working the best he can to find the problem and a solution. He may do so with your cooperation.

    I also set up a new Blog —
    with a totally new email address at a totally different set of servers.

    I received the confirmation email from WordPress for address change through my Sprint address.

    However, even with the new Blog and new email, I am having the same exact problem.. I have entered two test comments and none of them have been delivered to my email address at

    Just as a test, I turned off my Trend Micro PC-Cillin virus protection, web scanner and firewall system completely for about five minutes, assuming that mey be the problem and assuming that was sufficient time for delivery of the emails from WordPress… All to no avail.

    If we could also get the failure log for the new blog, http://OldPreacher.WordPress as well as the older one, it may help.

    True I can eventually read the comments — but I have found no way ti see the email address of the commenter except when they are mailed to me. Inconvenient.

    I will appreciate your comments and help.



    We have your email.
    We have our server logs.
    Posting here will not make us work any differently.

    One thread has been closed on this already when we found it was not our fault.

    I’m closing this too.

    Take it to email and await a reply to the one you sent please.

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