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    Hi guys.

    Over the last year, my comments form has reverted back to the dark grey standard form from the theme I’m using. It seems to have happened around the same time the wordpress CSS options changed, & I can’t quite figure out what’s wrong.

    See below:

    Previously, my CSS was sufficient to change the comments appearance & it has always matched the rest of my blog colour & font wise. I have noticed on quite a few other wordpress blogs that the same thing has happened. Is this a known error & is there any simple fix?

    I couldn’t seem to find any info on it by searching, & I’ve had a few people look at my CSS for me & they can’t see why it wouldn’t be working unless my theme no longer enables the comments CSS to be altered, but I’m not sure why this would have changed! I use Black-LetterHead.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Did you by chance change themes?


    What exactly are you wanting on the comment form and I’ll try to get that back for you?


    Thanks for your reply! No, not at all, it’s always been on the same theme. Odd.

    Purely the aesthetics that I want to change because it looks so mismatched. It used to be matching colours etc to my blog but I’d be happy purely with the form background being white & the lighter grey text being black. It’s trivial but really bothers me!

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