Comments NONE are appearing.

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    I just put up a new post, comments started being made (I can see them on the “backstage” comments page) but they are not appearning NONE OF THEM, in the thread.

    And now they have disappeared from the backstage comments page.

    Also all the back pages are very very very slow.

    Thanks for your help. Hope it can be resolved.




    OK… after some hiccups, at the moment comments are appearing in the thread, in the side bar Recent Comments and back stage. It was touch and go there.

    Hoping it is resolved… and thanks.



    As of 9/23 11:40 EDT new comments not appearing on my blog.



    I’m having the same problem. Happened last week and I jus thought it was a random hiccup, a problem never to be seen again. But it just happened again. So now I’m getting frustrated.



    I’m having it too. Commented on someone’s blog, a whole essay– and GONE! From then on, I always copy it first before I submit it in case it gets lost again. But what frustrates me more is that my friend posted a lengthy comment on my post and said that it disappeared. It has happened to me more than 10 times these few months.

    To submit a comment when its lost, you could log out and change your name to something else, it works, but the bad thing is when you totally lost your comment, esp if its a long one.

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