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    I have comments enabled on all posts and pages but various random posts and pages are suddenly not allowing comments even though we have previous comments on those pages or posts.

    The Allow comments box is checked on individual pages. I have tried unchecking, saving and then rechecking the box again to reset it but to no avail.

    Any idea what is wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t begin to speculate without

    a) A link to the blog, starting with http

    b) links to those posts you’re talking about, starting with http

    c) the information about whether or not you’ve got the blog set to disallow comments on older posts.


    We need links to the blog and to the pages where comments cannot be made.



    Raincoaster answered my question without the required info and as always it was a user induced stupidity – I don’t know what settings I have applied to my own blog.

    Thank you both for your interest and assistance


    Nothing stupid, we all bump our heads once in a while. The important thing is the issue is resolved for you.

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