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    Hi, I hava a regular commentor on my blog. She said that she can’t comment it won’t let her. She is from blogspot, I am not sure if there has been a lock out for others who are not with wordpress. the reason I question this is because my other regular commentor is from here and she had no problem at all.

    Are people to sign on now to comment?

    I would appreciate some feedback on this one.






    How is she trying to comment?

    Not sure why this bit about blogspot is comeing into play here. Do you mean she’s trying to make a trackback or link from an article on her site to your site?

    Is she getting any sort of error when she tried to make a comment?

    Can she see the comment box?

    Make sure Dashboard -> Options -> General -> Membership -> “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” is unchecked.


    No she just isn’t allowed… but I did find her in my spam.. so I checked not spam, then went to the not spam button.. but where would her comment go from there.

    It says that they were sent , but the still haven’t showed up yet.

    Maybe it will take time.



    After you check the no spam box by the comment and click on the “Not Spam” buttom of the page, it should go back to the Dashboard -> Manage -> Comments page as well as be visable at the post as well.

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