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    Hey folks, for a couple of months now I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that legitimate comments were being blocked from my blog and tonight I’ve had it confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    While I sat and watched, someone made a post in order to subscribe to my blog via the “notify me of site updates” option. The post never appeared and the number of subscribers is the same. It could be coincidence, but the number of “blocked spam” Akismet is claiming increased by 1 at the time too.

    I’m now starting to think that several people I know (some personally) who’ve asked how they can subscribe to my blog but never did might have ended up victims of the spam filter.
    Akismet is claiming zero false positives, but considering how few of the 40 other caught spams I’ve actually been able to see I really can’t take that seriously.

    Of course, not a single post that’s found its way to my spam queue has been legitimate, but I know for sure that at least one (and I now suspect several) legitimate posts have been blocked entirely with no chance of approval.

    Is there a way I can see the posts Akismet has blocked and un-spam those that shouldn’t have been blocked?
    Is there a way to set Akismet to send ALL suspected spam for my approval for a while? I’d be happy enough receiving the spam in my queue for now as I’d rather that than have my readers (and I’ve not exactly got hundreds of them) unable to comment… especially if they are trying to subscribe to my blog at the same time.

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated, I look forwards to your replies.

    All the best,


    The blog I need help with is




    On your Settings / Discussion tab, check the box that says “Comment Moderation – Don’t discard spam on old posts”.



    Hi Alex, did you delete my comment to the OP about checking podz or did it just disappear?


    tellyworth – I’ve done that now. Thanks for the tip.

    justjennifer – I don’t know what or where podz are so if you feel like pointing me in the right direction I’ll be happy to check it/them.

    Thanks both.



    I will try again and if my reply doesn’t appear, will mark this thread invisible.

    If you or your readers think they are being caught by Akismet, they can test for it at and by following the instructions there. Good luck!


    justjennifer – I got that one. That along with tellyworth’s advice should give me something to get going with. If there’s any ongoing problem after this I’ll post up again.
    Thanks for the link. :D



    @justjennifer I removed your comment because it wasn’t necessary in this case and I didn’t want to confuse the issue. Seems I did anyway, sorry about that.

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