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Comments not appearing on post

  1. Comments which have arrived in my email box and which appear on my "Comments" page are not posting to my blog.

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see 27 comments on a post of your.

  3. I understand that. There should be more.

    Comments made by other readers have arrived in my email and appear in the "Comments" section of my dashboard, but are NOT posting to my blog.

  4. Then make sure they are approved. Or see them in trackbacks or pingbacks. Once I was confused too with the trackbacks which were showing as comments in the "Comments"

  5. Of course they are "approved". They are from frequent commenters.

    They are not in the spam file.

    And they could not possibly be confused with trackbacks. They are substantive comments.

  6. Sorry! You should wait for a senior member to get involved or contact staff. if you like.

  7. Could they be in your Pending file? Even if they've had comments approved before, sometimes when Akismet tightens up as it recently did, it can toss legit people into Pending or Spam.

  8. hi, rain -

    I checked pending/spam, because last week I had comments landing in some folks' spam files because of the Akismet change.

    I just went ahead and contacted support with the IP, URL, etc. from the comment emails. I can copy/paste from the emails and at least get the comments posted that way.

    happy New Year!

  9. Thanks for the info, and Happy New Year! Good to see you again.Hope this gets straightened out soon.

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