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    The problem affects that blog as well was the following blog:

    I’ve got a reader on both blogs who has their posts randomly deleted or they don’t show up. The poster is posting with a WordPress account.

    The posts aren’t in spam or trash. I’ve got comments set to only moderate the first post a reader makes and she’s made a comment on both successfully and so she isn’t landing in Pending.

    I haven’t heard about any other reader having their comments deleted.

    Is there some setting on my blog that’s catching her comments or what?

    The blog I need help with is



    First of all look in your discussion settings and make sure that you don’t have anything in the “Blacklist” section that could be trapping this person’s comments.

    If that section is clear, then request this person to visit and when the contact form opens, leave a comment using the address he or she is using to leave comments on your sites.

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