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comments not appearing under posts after being approved

  1. only some comments are appearing under posts after being approved,

    I've cleared cache & cookies, checked spam, searched high & low for an answer, just wondering if I'm missing something.. hate the thought that people think I'm ignoring their comments

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I clicked on a post there were responses there. How many aren't appearing, how long might it be taking?

  3. thanks for your help
    the 4 showing are in response to 'Hello & welcome 2013'
    the 2 not showing, I notice are in response to 'welcome 2013'

    seems odd

  4. Are they flagged as spam or do you have to approve comments for your blog? If you look under the blog dashboard, Settings, and Discussion you can see some of the options.

  5. no, not spam.. I have Akismet which is great..
    I have my discussion settings set to 'Comment author must have a previously approved comment'

    I only have to approve new author comments once

    it's only 2 comments & no big deal but would like to know what's causing this

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