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Comments Not Being Emailed

  1. For the past day or so most of the comments are not being emailed to me. Every now and again, one will come through. I searched the posts and did not find anything else posted in the last day.

  2. Comments are no longer being mailed to me. HELP! I am on the road almost all day and can't always read everything when I come home at night. HELP!

  3. I have had this happen to me before and I fixed it by registering another email to "refresh" the system. See if this works for you (assuming you have more than one email account). I only had to do this once and it's been OK so far.

  4. Make sure you're checking your spam/junk folders.

  5. I received email from WordPress support that said there was an issue with mail between their server and mine. So, I changed my email address to see if that would clear up and am STILL not receiving comments. HELP!!!

  6. I know it's very obvious, but have you checked that your settings haven't been changed somehow?

    Dashboard - settings - discussion - email me whenever anyone posts a comment.

  7. Please send every possible detail to Support.

    You are in the BETA - this means it is not finished, needs testing, needs help from you.

    We need all the details in Support please, not here.

  8. My mistake - wrong thing. But susangpyp please send your details in again.

  9. Mark: what details do you need?

  10. blog

    settings WERE email to susan AT gettingpastyourpast dot com

    changed to email to sj_elliott AT optonline dot net


    settings ARE email to susan AT gettingpastyourpast dot com

    Neither is sending email notification.

  11. susan - I think he wants the details sent to support as opposed to being posted in the forum.

  12. thank you vivian...I just sent it.

  13. Still no resolution to this....very very frustrating!!!

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