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Comments not displaying properly with Tarski theme

  1. I recently changed my theme from Vigilance to Tarski. However, when I see the Comment section at the bottom of each post, it is completely left-aligned and is not visible or usable at all.

    I see this problem with both Firefox and IE browsers. Can you please give me suggestions on fixing this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's because you've got an unclosed alignment tag in your "My Stats!" text widget; you need to add this at the end:

  3. This worked fine, thank you! For some reason, Vigilance accepted this code without throwing up display issues, so I didn't really think of this.

    Thanks for responding so promptly. These forums are great

  4. You're welcome. Bad html in a text widget will affect the rest of the page from that point on: you got no issues in Vigilance because its sidebar is to the right.

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