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comments not going to my email

  1. Some of my comments are not being sent to my email account. Is there any reason for that?

  2. First, check your spam file and see if they're there. They are often redirected there.

    If they're not in there:
    Send an email to support at wordpress dot com with all your email details, including which comments didn't generate the emails.
    People on a couple of different services have reported this problem. It seems to be service-specific to Yahoo and one other (the name escapes me at the moment). What service are you using?

  3. I checked my spam folder, not there. so, I will send the email to support. I am using gmail right now for my blog email. Thanks so much:)

  4. I guess I will do that after the weekend:)

  5. I'm having this same problem...very frustrating.

  6. @loopyknitter
    On Monday send in a feedback.

  7. This is happening for me, too. I sent a message to support...

  8. Good.

    Folks there is no point in posting here regarding this problem.
    Volunteers cannot help you. We do not have backend access to blogs.
    Please wait until Monday and send in feedbacks to staff.

  9. You guys get comments? lucky buggers! ;)

  10. Okay, I understand.

  11. @cornell
    Re: lack of comments you need to check this out: "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

  12. Hehe! yes, I know about that. I was talking about my blogs here at ;)

  13. I think it's useful for people to post and let us know which email service they're using. It seems to be restricted to a few of them, and showed up first on Yahoo. It'll help us narrow things down.

  14. I miss comments intermittently. I use BTinternet, which I believe is integrated into Yahoo Mail in some way as when I use web access rather than Outlook it uses the Yahoo Mail platform.

  15. Just in the past week I've started getting only a few of my comments appearing in my email. I have them sent to my Yahoo email address. They're not in my spam folder. I'll email on monday, just wanted to pipe up with what service I used.

  16. Agree with Rain. If you're having this issue, please state very specifically what email service you are using.

  17. Google mail (or gmail)'s spam filter has been eating a lot mail recently. Please check your spam in gmail for comments.

    What is interesting is that almost all of my blog related mail was being directed to spam which other than comments also included mail from feedblitz, feedburner, xfruits, statcounter and others. Wonder why that is happenin?

  18. I just got email notification of 1 comment. There were four others in moderation.

    I'm using a gmail account dedicated to the blog that auto-forwards to my main gmail account.

    Nothing in the spam box at all.

    Edit... and I just got notification for another one (different from the 4 that never showed up). So it seems to be a hit or miss kind of thing.

  19. katm

    Did you check the spambox of the gmail ID dedicated for your blog?

  20. Yes. Checked spam both places. Nothing there.

  21. Best bet would be to submit a feedback. Please include a link to what comments that you didn't get emails for so that staff can see the time stamps.

    I was wondering about the email services as I was thinking that maybe somefolks were blocking's email servers. While the MX for is know, the only folks blocking it is APEWS and they've basically become the idiots of spam fighting lately. (Hmm, it does have a recent date but searching Google Groups as they suggest returns no hits, not even for the class c.)

  22. Feedback sent :)

    For the record, I had another sitting in moderation w/o an email. I'll just have to remember to check. As far as bugs go, this is a minor one for me. Now software causing explorer.exe to crash. That's a bug :)

  23. This should be fixed.

  24. Hope to see this being fixed, as none of the comments posted on my blogs ( and are not being forwarded as well to my e-mail address for past few weeks now.

    I really need this to maintain my blogs ....... BTW, tons of spams as well .... mind working on spam filter as well.


  25. @linux
    You have made multiple posts on the same matter. Mentioning this on forum posts will not result in the bug/problem being repaired. Volunteers answering questions including our Moderators do not have beackend access to blogs, only staff do.
    Quoting drmike:

    Best bet would be to submit a feedback from your dashboard and make staff aware that you're having an issue. You may want to include a link to those comments where you haven't notices about.

  26. linux, may i suggest working on your reading skills as well? :-)

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