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    In the last week I’ve started having a problem with comments nesting properly. Admittedly there are more comments than usual with the troublesome post, but still …

    I’ve had trouble getting my replies to show up directly under the comment I’m replying to. It seems other commenters are having the same problem. And I’m trying now to add a new comment to the very bottom of the list and it keeps showing up somewhere up in the middle of the threads above.

    I’ve tried setting threads to go 10 levels deep but they won’t go that far. Comments are set to run from oldest down to newest, but still my new comment will not go to the bottom.

    The problems are occurring with the post

    The blog I need help with is



    P.S. Note the June 5 comments that should have started new threads at the bottom of the page and instead ended up above a June 1 comment.

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