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Comments not posting

  1. For the past twelve hours, I've been unable to post comments onto some wordpress blogs. When I submit my comment, it doesn't show up. However, if I try to repost the comment, I do receive the "duplicate comment detected" notice, even though the original comment is hovering around in the ether.

    It's happened a dozen times, on various themes. Any clue what's happening or when it might be resolved?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you post a comment on other blogs then that comment may waits for approval. Or this delay may be due to your browser version which slows things. Wait for the first comment to show up.
    Don't post too much comments in a short interval of time as you can be stuck in spam filter, which is more horrible than your problem.

  3. @shoreacres
    Hi there,
    I know you are an experienced blogger and I have experienced the same thing happening to me 3 times 3 days ago now. This is a contact Staff situation.

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