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Comments not showing under photos or in 'Recent Comments' ?

  1. People have commented on some of my photos but they are not showing underneath the photos. I'm using the carousel gallery. I want people to see the comments!

    Also, the comments are not showing up in 'Recent Comments' on my main page

    Please help, thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If people make comments on image attachment pages then they are tucked away from view on the post itself.

  3. You can only have attachment pages with no comment box if you create the post under a no-comments-allowed default (in Settings > Discussion), then override that setting for the particular post after you publish it (post editor > Discussion module > tick “Allow comments on this post”, or Posts > Edit > Quick Edit > tick “Allow comments”).

  4. Hi, thanks for your help and fast response.

    I have followed the above prompts and all my posts and photos in gallery allow for comments. Its mainly the gallery I'm concerned about. I've been receiving comments and they are all approved, but they just don't turn up under each photo. Its the carousel gallery not the 'attachment page'. (Are they similar?) I think its got to do with the carousel gallery's layout but I don't think it can be edited...

  5. Don't worry I've figured it out!

    The comments *do* show underneath the photos if you use the down arrow on the keyboard. You have to scroll a long way down, they are underneath the giant comment box. It would be great if layout designers could design it so you don't have to scroll down to see one small comment on a photo that you wouldn't even know was there, it doesn't say '1 comment' or '2 comments' so how are people to even know there's a comment down there?

    but atleast its there. I like the carousel gallery more than the others so I'm sticking with it anyway. Thanks for your help

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