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Comments not showing up

  1. Since last night, I've been receiving comments and approving them, but they're not showing up on the actual blog -- for instance, on my most recent post i just approved a comment and you can see it if you open up that individual post, but on the front page of the blog it still says I have no comments...

  2. I am experiencing the same thing, comments not appearing on main page after having being approved.

  3. Could you please provide links? Thanks.

  4. I am having a similar problem. I have had complaints that comments are not posting to my blog:

    And at least 2 blogs I regularly post on have not posted my comments in the last few days.


  5. Have you checked your akismet spam folder? It could be that they are being caught in there. Also if you have a way to contact the other blogs you comments are not showing on, have them check their spam filters as well. If you are in there, have them despam you and the spam software will learn after a few times that you are not spam.

  6. I despamed the ones in mine. I'll try and get some of the people I have emails for to check and see if I am appearing as spam.

  7. One friend has despammed me and I am still not posting in her comments section.

  8. Did the comments that she despammed show up?

    Don't comment on other blogs until you can comment on your own and have the comments show up immediately. That's how you know Akismet has realized you're not spam.

  9. Rain, I haven't ever had a problem posting on my own. But Max just despammed me and only one of the comments has shown up and, when I try and post another comment, it doesn't show--apparently I need a Gepetto to make me a real girl.

  10. Hmmm, that IS peculiar. Usually it'll even grab you from your own blog if it's a normal Akismet thinks your spam issue. I'd contact staff on this one. Looks like Akismet has a problem OTHER than the usual mistaking people for spam one.

  11. Rain, Is there anything I can do? At least 5 people have despammed me several times. But I just keep ending up in Akismet (sort of like Azkiban, I suspect with lots of Dementors). Help?

  12. Contact staff, like I said. It's already too late for today, because they are closed, but contact them tomorrow for sure. They take the weekends off (and they always introduce big changes just before the weekends).

  13. The support form is open all weekend.

  14. I've contacted both akismet and wordpress staff. Hopefully, I will hear soon.

  15. >>>The support form is open all weekend.

    With fortification, I hope!

  16. Yes, with the fortification! You never know when a red headed black belt might need them. Just don't get her angry. +)

  17. kymk - I am having the same problem. Please post here if you get this resolved.

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