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Comments not showing up

  1. thesolomamaproject

    At the top of a post, where it says, "2 comments," when I click it reloads the same post, sometimes showing the same post twice in succession, but still no access to the comments. I can see the comments other ways, but I wonder if my readers are able to? Also definitely seemed like a bug so wanted to report it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Crazy. I'll tag this so a moderator or Happiness Engineer can take a look... that is odd.

  3. thesolomamaproject

    thanks! it's not happening on all posts but seems to only for the most recent one. today, it's the post called "Day 1." Hope you're able to replicate, if not I can send a screen shot.

  4. I definitely saw what you're seeing. Clicking on the "2 comments" link duplicates the post. I don't think there's anything a forum volunteer can do to help, so if you don't get a response to this thread soon (like within the hour) from a Happiness Engineer or moderator you should contact support directly.

  5. Hello there I am as well getting the same result it appears to be a bug I will let staff know as well leave the modlook tag intact so staff can find the thread I took a screenshot for you so staff can visually see the issue

  6. Would you please temporarily switch to a different theme, like Twenty Eleven, so we can rule-out a theme-specific issue?

  7. thesolomamaproject

    OK--I changed to Twenty Eleven and the comments seem to be working fine.

  8. thesolomamaproject

    Let me know if/when it's OK to change back to Tarski. thanks!

  9. Yeah, it's fine to change back to Tarski now. Thanks for checking!

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