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Comments Numbering on Mistylook Gone?

  1. If I remember correctly, there used to be #1, #2 and so on for numbering comments using the Mistylook template. But recently, I noticed it's gone mysteriously, what has happened?

  2. Yes, I noticed the same thing. Numbers were also useful because they showed the permalink for that comment.

  3. Someone else mentioned this yesterday. They must be tinkering with the backend. Send it into support using the link in your dashboard.

  4. Just a note to say, we have been missing the numbers on the comments as well for quite some time. One day they just disappeared. It makes it hard to comment back to a person on a long thread of comments. We often use the comment numbers in our replies. Does anyone know if this is being addressed? Is it happening all across WordPress or with only certain themes? Just wanted to keep this Topic alive.

  5. Removing the numbers is part of the updating to support comment threading and paging. Comment numbering won't work very well with threaded comments, so numbers are being removed from themes.

    The permalink was moved to the date/time of the comment in Mistylook.

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