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Comments off on all new posts

  1. For some reason, on all posts done today (04/27/11) comments are being turned off. I keep trying to turn them on, but they won't come on. I've checked the discussion settings, and they are set to allow comments. I specifically turn on the 'allow comments' button on each post, but no change. It seems some default 'comments off' setting has been activated, but I cannot find it. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same problem, and have been pulling my hair out . . .or whats left of it. I hope someone at wordpress figures out what's going on. I did contact Tech Support and await their wisdom.

  3. Same problem here! I think I've added a few more gray hairs trying to figure it out. Apparently I'm not alone.

  4. The WP team said they are working on it, just FYI. Please let me know if anyone finds out it's been resolved! :)

    ps I'm pulling my hair out too, I just spent a long time making a new post, and I had to delete it! But the Happiness Team got back to me fast, so hopefully it will be resolved fast!

  5. Yep.. same thing for me. Can't fig out what´s wrong.

  6. I am having the same problem. I have a post ready to go but can get comments to turn back on. I don't want to post if my readers aren't able to discuss the post. When will this be resolved?

  7. I thought I had done something wrong with my blog, good to see it's not just me who has problems

  8. Use quick edit on your posts - that seems to work!!

  9. @emmiscafe
    Thanks for sharing :)

    There's another thread on this issue here >

  10. Oh dear! Maybe this was not the best day to start a blog here! As a newbie I was already having some trouble evern finding blogs to read!!! I'd like to shout "help" but maybe I should just mooch around!!!

  11. Why is my blog acting so weird today?

    Comment is off.

    Nothing is working.

  12. @startofanera & blin90
    There's another thread on this issue here >

    "Use quick edit on your posts - that seems to work!! " -- emmiscafe

  13. Quick edit fails to retain tick (to allow) after clicking 'update'.

  14. Adding my "Same problem here" :)

    @emmiscafe - great advice! Worked for me, thanks! I wasn't aware of this until I started receiving emails from friends telling me they can't comment :)

  15. Quick edit working fine - thank you emmiscafe

  16. The problem is now solved according to the latest response from staff...

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