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Comments on Pages?

  1. How can I permit comments on pages (as opposed to comments on posts)?


    Wolf Paul

  2. Check the top module, named discussion. You should be able to allow pings and comments.

  3. When it comes to comments on pages you actually have to find a theme that has the comment template include into the page template. - And most themes don't, so it doesn't help much to allow comments on a page.

  4. Which templates allow for comments on the pages?

  5. The intro box says this is resolved. But the final question is not answered. Which templates allow for comments on the pages?

    I need to switch to one of those.

    Thanks for everything.

  6. snip

  7. Doing it the hard way--switching themes and observing:

    Themes with comments on pages: Shocking Blue Green

    There were a couple of others, but I wasn't trying to remember.

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