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  1. alternateplane

    Is it possible for viewers to post comments on a page?

  2. It's theme dependent. Some do, some don't.

  3. alternateplanet - I just clicked on your about page and saw a little logo at the top. I was not impressed because it stated my IP, my ISP provider, my operating system and my browser.

    How are you determining such information?
    Why do you need to know this information about me and your other readers?
    Where is this information stored?
    Whom are you sharing this information with?

    drmike *whistle* WTF - spyware on a free wordpress hosted blog - how is this being done?


    It's innocent and you don't see what I see. If you do, what's my IP address? :)

  5. podz - okay I gottcha - I assumed it was sharing my info with the blog's owner. But you're saying it only tells the blog visitor their own information and does not share that information with the blog's owner. Thanks for the response I've chilled.

  6. alternateplanet - If you want to know the name of a theme that does have comments on pages Regulus does.

  7. I can see Podz's IP address. :)

    TT, any time you visit somewhere on the internet, usually the webserver that gives you the site you're visiting records your IP address, the date, the time, where you came from (the referrer), and what browser you are using. The little script that he or she is running just takes that information and gives it back to you.

  8. I love how they have a line for "IE Text Size" in there. Have to remember that the next time we get a "how come my text is so large" question.

  9. Thanks to both of you. I've chilled and I've learned something new, again. Like collin I've never been accused of being "shy" because I don't have the primary barriers to learning, (1) being afraid to look stupid by asking questions, or (2) or being afraid to yell :O HELP! when I think something's wrong. lol A shrinking violet I'm not. A thorny rose - well, maybe.

  10. Everyone, thanks for the tip! And sorry the little header scared you, timethief :P

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