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  1. people are telling me they comment on my blog but i don t see any one appearing. i m totally unaware of what should i do...could someone help me?

  2. Help us help you. Please tell us what your settings are at Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion.

    I made a test comment on this post. Please check on your Dashboard -> Manage -> Comments to see if you see it on that page. (It doesn't show up on your blog.)

  3. I am having the same problem. Can you help me? Comments were appearing earlier today and now they aren't.

  4. You might like to check your akismet spam filter as other bloggers like myself found some valid comments in it.

  5. Yeah, I just found them there. Why is it sending them there instead of where it should be and how can I stop it?

  6. Simply retrieve them by marking the "not spam" and trust me when I say when akismet is having issues the staff are on it and are working hard to fix it. Flooding them with feedbacks would not IMO be helpful.

  7. OK, thanks for your help.

  8. Reading the thread that you post in and answering the questions that were raised may also help next time. :)

  9. I think people should seriously explore the wordpress forum as well as the site itself before jumping in all the time with simple questions...

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