comments on side bar disappeared,

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    Vin you are so kind, will try no avatars


    Vin you are so kind, will try no avatars
    tried no avatars Nothing worked


    None of the solutions are working on my blog as well. Says: Recent Comments – There are no public comments available to display.

    All comments are public and open to search engines. Using Twenty Ten Theme

    Any help available at WP???????


    As I said, switching another blog to the same theme as Revenge of the Ghost Wolf there is no problem with comments, so go figure.



    It’s strange; I have two blogs, with exactly the same WP thema, they look like twins except that one is about video games, and the other about Japanese horror/gore movies. The first one is working perfecty well, but the second one does not show any comments at all – I tried to get rid of the avatars but it did not work…



    UPDATE : the comments are back online with “no avatars” chosen in the widget…



    Howdy folks.

    We’re aware of the issue and are working on it. My apologies for any inconvenience.

    Please subscribe to this thread for updates:


    Moderator Emeritus

    I was just noticing the problem and marked a number of threads with the tag “comments widget.” Thanks for the very fast response…
    ≥^!^≤ Tess



    My blog suffers too and of the same problem since yesterday afternoon. tried all of the available tricks and nada …. Just a possible clue : the php does not recognize the comments table containing public comments.

    I dont think it is a manipulated attack to “insurgent” blogs , since mine is of no such importance. just a tiny corner for political discussion in long forgotten Greece , we have many other popular blogs here as possible targets… ;)




    The comments are back if you accept no avatars option



    I was just noticing the problem and marked a number of threads with the tag “comments widget.”

    And thank you as well.


    I ‘ve read that staff think this is now fixed….. Not quite – there seems to be a limit of 6 entries, as opposed to the 15 stated.


    Oh – I see the number is increasing as more comments are made…



    So things are good?


    Almost….. Comments made on Attachment pages no longer appear in the Recent Comments Widget. I rely on this quite a lot as my blog is predominantly photos.



    Can you provide me with an example I can use for testing? The URL of an attachment page where you are seeing this behavior.


    My blog is private, so cannot give you an example. However, if you insert a picture into a post, having set the “attachment page” option then you can try it yourself. Click on the picture in your post and it will take you to the attach,ent page. Comment on that page….



    I will look into it.

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